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since 2015. 

50 ft Hemp Wick

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From the manufacturer, 

"Bee Wick Hemp Wick is a wick made from 100% organic hemp and pharmaceutical grade beeswax for the cleanest hemp wick on the market. Light the wick and use the wick's flame to light your cigars/pipes, and enjoy a butane free smoking experience. Don't waste the taste with Bee Wick Hemp!

So what makes our hemp wick so stellar? We make our hemp wick with only two all-natural ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade beeswax and organic hemp. That’s it! That means a better product for you without the false claims of being “100% organic,” because dirt and pollen can be found in so-called organic products. We don’t want to smoke dirt or pollen, and neither should you!

Our hemp wick keeps a natural golden brown color, not a blackish grey like some other companies' wicks. Our wick is also is made fresh and is stored with extreme care, keeping it from getting dried out. And the best part is, we don't charge a fortune for a high quality hemp wick!

We believe our hemp products are the way of the future. They are inexpensive, durable and even good for the environment—something we know you appreciate."