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Providing highly functional water pipes 

since 2015. 


2014 A young engineer moved to Moreno Valley, California and consequently discovered smoking. Soon after, he began making his own pipes. He posted his work to a popular internet forum called reddit and to his surprise found people there who were willing to pay him for his work. A few months later,

2015 Glass Lung was born. The engineer transformed his one-bedroom apartment into a pipe factory and began mass producing something he was sure would sell, a design he called the Steam Machine. Thanks to a reddit post 14 Steam Machines were sold on the day of its release. Profits were used to purchase a 3D printer.

The 3D printer enabled the engineer to improve the Steam Machine. It also enabled him to construct a variety of new designs- the Stoned Mason, the Threemason, the Quart Hitter, and the Cabernet Sauvigbong. All product development was documented on Instagram.

2016 Silenced Hippie posted her review of the Steam Machine to Youtube. Days later, Dabbing Granny shared her Stoned Mason on Instagram. This one-two advertising punch caused Glass Lung to blow up. The engineer quit his day job and Glass Lung became a full-time venture.

Desperate for more space and a lower cost of living (and wanting to snowboard), the engineer relocated Glass Lung to a small house in Reno, Nevada. Now that he had a garage for storage he could order supplies by the pallet. The extra space also enabled him to create silicone molds for making parts out of cast epoxy.

2017 Glass Lung continued to grow and the engineer struggled to keep up. 3D printing and epoxy casting just weren't quick enough manufacturing processes. The engineer's solution: a new version of the Stoned Mason made through the most efficient of plastic manufacturing processes, injection molding. All other pipe designs were discontinued as they were too time consuming to make.

2018 Ready to move on, the engineer gave Glass Lung to his favorite chess partner (Glass Lung's current owner). To this day the engineer acts as a consultant and continues to develop new pipes and accessories whenever inspiration strikes.

2019 Glass Lung's best year to date. Many pipes were sold.

2020 The saga continues...