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Stoned Mason Hookah Style (half-gallon jar)

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    You've come to this site for a reason. You want a quality pipe that you don't have to worry about breaking. You're on a budget. Maybe you just like the look of mason jars. These are the reasons why we developed the Stoned Mason. We didn't invent the mason jar pipe, we perfected it. Check out the Stoned Mason's features-

Replaceable Jar

Accidentally break your pipe? Thanks to its replaceable jar, the Stoned Mason can be made good-as-new in minutes.

Lighter-Holding Magnet

We were tired of losing lighters so we built a magnet into the lid. This magnet can also be used to hold your dab tool.

Ring Percolator

Who says a mason jar pipe should hit harsh? Our 11 hole percolator delivers top-dollar, smooth-as-butter hits. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

Glass-On-Glass Adapter

The lid of the Stoned Mason features a glass-on-glass adapter that makes it compatible with all standard 14mm bowls.

High Quality Components

This pipe's plastic parts aren't 3D printed, they're injection molded.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike traditional pipes, the Stoned Mason completely disassembles. Isopropyl alcohol and other bong cleaning solutions will not harm this pipe.

Hookah Style vs Bong Style

Smoke it like a hookah or smoke it like a traditional bong. With the Stoned Mason you have choice.


This particular iteration is built into a half-gallon jar. It includes one standard 14mm bowl and one hookah hose. A lighter is not included.



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  • 5

    Posted by Kevin castillo on Mar 14th 2022

    wow i bought this for a friend , and when he opened it i was jealous of what i got him . I'm definitely going to get my self one. This works like a beauty and hits amazing ! great product will buy my self one and continue to gift it to my pot head friends .

  • 5
    Bussin Bussin

    Posted by Noah on Apr 1st 2021

    This thing is the best, it’s simply bussin bussin easy to clean it all, would recommend

  • 5

    Posted by William brown on Mar 23rd 2021


  • 5
    this is one of the best pieces I ever got it was cheap and It came in like three days I love love love it

    Posted by Adrian DeGuzman on Feb 6th 2021

    only problem is I am not aware how to clean the hookah tube

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Dareon N on May 13th 2019

    Provides smooth hits that feel nice in the lungs and with ice it's just so much smoother

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 18th 2018

    I absolutely love this bong, the hits are incredibly smooth when you ice the water, would highly recommend

  • 5
    It's perfect

    Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2018

    It's one of the best bongs I've ever owned. Love the fact that it has a hose so passing it won't be a worry. Love the magnet bit. It's *so* easy is put together, replace and cleaning.

  • 5
    Big Whompin

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 24th 2018

    One of the best purchases I have ever made! Not only is it unique, but it is also very convenient as well. Hits so large and smooth that I doubt ill change pieces for a while. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a discreet portable piece.

  • 5

    Posted by GON on Mar 14th 2018

    Man. I love this thing. When I was ordering I thought it would just be something cool to have, NOPE. It's my favorite to use by far. Its just super smooth, easy to use, and fun to pass around with friends. Im not gonna use anything for a long time. Im not even gonna go into details BUY THIS THING!!!!!!!! It is worth the money. Dont worry about it, its worth it. DO IT

  • 4
    Good but it has some flaws

    Posted by Nolo on Dec 27th 2017

    I am going to start this off with how much I love and recommend this. So now that is said here are the pro's and cons Pro's 1: quick easy to replace if you drop it! 2: smooth as fuck even with old crapy dry Tobacco. 3 quality core parts I have seen worse quality. so for the price of what you would pay at a local head shop of an ok quality water pipe you are not getting a bad deal. 4 for those with asthma or breathing issues. this works great! 5 you can do so much worse for the money and the cozy is not bad. CONS 1: I find that the rubber ring to help seal the device could be a bit better. maybe more thick or rounded to fit the lid a bit better. 2 the perc needs to be made out of not so light plastic. I as i found it wanting to shift out of position a lot to add marbles. 3 a better bowl and hose please i would be even willing to pay 3 dollars more for a better quality hose. the bowl you provide has an issue with it getting clogged really quickly. would like to see a better one at some point.

  • 5
    Wow...just a MUST HAVE and the best $46 I've spent in years

    Posted by Rich Sparber on Oct 15th 2017

    I've been familiar with Glass Lung for a while from a YouTube review for the Steam Machine (which I'd still love to get ;)) and was disappointed when I saw it was gone. I've always been a collector though and decided to take a take a closer look at the Stoned Mason just for the uniqueness of it but boy am I glad I did. Start with the obvious, the value is outstanding. Mine actually came with a four hole disc diffused slide, not push bowl. It's very practical, the only breakable parts are inexpensive and easily replaced. It's easy to clean and STABLE when filled; you're not just gonna accidentally pull it over with the hose. I've been wanting a hookah that can hit like my bong for years and, somewhat to my surprise I must admit, this baby is it. I will say I prefer a higher water level than most; closer to 2/3 than 1/3 cause I'm all about that tight hit and nice drag but you can fill this so there's no drag or some nice pull depending on your preference. Also, the other reviewers are dead on about the smoothness too; even with room temp water it's awesome. If you're on a budget this is THE piece but honestly even if you're not get it, cause it's gonna surprise you.

  • 5
    It's my first bigger bong

    Posted by Samantha Cruz on Oct 10th 2017

    I love it

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