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Stoned Mason Pipe Style (quart jar)

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    You've come to this site for a reason. You want a quality pipe that you don't have to worry about breaking. You're on a budget. Maybe you just like the look of mason jars. These are the reasons why we developed the Stoned Mason. We didn't invent the mason jar pipe, we perfected it. Check out the Stoned Mason's features-

Replaceable Jar

Accidentally break your pipe? Thanks to its replaceable jar, the Stoned Mason can be made good-as-new in minutes.

Lighter-Holding Magnet

We were tired of losing lighters so we built a magnet into the lid. This magnet can also be used to hold your dab tool.

Ring Percolator

Who says a mason jar pipe should hit harsh? Our 11 hole percolator delivers top-dollar, smooth-as-butter hits. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

Glass-On-Glass Adapter

The lid of the Stoned Mason features a glass-on-glass adapter that makes it compatible with all standard 14mm bowls.

High Quality Components

This pipe's plastic parts aren't 3D printed, they're injection molded.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike traditional pipes, the Stoned Mason completely disassembles. Isopropyl alcohol and other bong cleaning solutions will not harm this pipe.

Hookah Style vs Bong Style

Smoke it like a hookah or smoke it like a traditional bong. With the Stoned Mason you have choice.


This particular iteration is built into a quart jar. It includes one standard 14mm bowl and one bong mouthpiece. A lighter is not included.



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  • 5
    The bong we never knew we needed!

    Posted by Lindsey Ulrich on Jul 8th 2021

    I initially purchased this piece to be a seldom used portable travel bong, but once my husband and I tested it out we quickly discovered we didn’t want to put it away! We have retired our solid glass pipes in favor of the Stoned Mason pipe. It is so easy to clean, I can pull the bowl and mouth piece out and store it in the fridge between uses, and adding ice makes it even better. Neither of us realized how often we had to fumble to find a lighter until it became a thing of the past with the magnet on the lid. No more precious nugs lost to the carpet because you have a messy person pack a bowl- it lands on the flat platform instead! And the best part in my opinion- we have cats and have cried many tears over $200+ bongs shattered in the night. I went to the grocery store and bought a 12-pack of replacement mason jars for $12. This is the best investment we have made in the 10 years my husband and I have been smoking together, and even with extra accessories it was well below $100. Just buy this- you don’t need anything else!

  • 5

    Posted by Unlabeled on Jul 6th 2021

    So first. Live the fact that it’s 3D printed. Good design. The rubber seal could be a hair thinner. The problem I ran into was the stainless steel ring would not screw down onto the glass jar. I needed a new ring nope. Tried a new jar. An actual MASON. not ball brand jar. Perfect. So. I could of just bought the standard kit and gotten it cheaper. I’m retarded. But oh well. Cool product.

  • 5
    Best Peice I’ve Ever Putchased.

    Posted by Manny Ortiz on Jun 5th 2021

    Me, I’ve broken a lot of Bongs. I hate spending $50ish dollars every time it happens . I was able to successfully shut that program down with this handy price of equipment . Personally, I clean before every use with some Formula420 cleaner (Plug), and fill with2 Cups of ice, with 2 Cups of water, and accationally I’ll use Brought Lime Soda instead of water.

  • 5
    Awesome bong!

    Posted by Shea King on May 19th 2021

    This is my second time ordering this bong! When I bought mine I legit fell in love! And since my boyfriend used to break his beaker bong all the time this has been the best replacement bong for him!

  • 5

    Posted by Megan on May 18th 2021

    so convenient, love the look, super smooth GET IT

  • 5
    mason jar is amazing

    Posted by blitz on May 14th 2021

    this is one of my favorite pieces for 3 reason 1-it’s so simple 2- the percolators work beautiful 3- it’s a sturdy piece and i know it’s not breaking.

  • 5
    Loved it!

    Posted by Brian Burnett on Apr 27th 2021

    I love it! The function is amazing and it’s easy to clean. All around great product

  • 5

    Posted by Laura on Apr 27th 2021

    I ordered this quart pipe and it arrived in 3 days. It’s super smooth and easy to use and clean.

  • 5
    Very portable and made with the best material.

    Posted by Osvaldo Flores on Apr 21st 2021

    Love it

  • 5

    Posted by Jack on Apr 8th 2021

    Very nice

  • 5
    Stoned mason bong style quart jar

    Posted by Paige Breasch on Mar 7th 2021

    I love this piece! It hits so smooth. It is very easy to clean! I would give it 10 stars if I could.

  • 5
    Stoned Mason Bongstyle

    Posted by Ray Barrett on Feb 5th 2021

    I was a joint man for years but this bing is perfect!

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